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Ironman Concrete Cutting Ltd is dedicated to providing all their clients with the best finished product, on time and on budget. We have been operating for over 20 years and our experience and training allows us to provide the best solutions for you. We do both residential, commercial and civil cutting work. If you need concrete cutting in Hamilton, Taupo or Auckland, we’re the answer. We cut roads, driveways, curbs, floors and more. We do both residential and commercial concrete cutting work. Call Ironman now on 07 847 0290 or email us about your concrete cutting project.

All aspects of concrete cutting – large and small

We can cater for all jobs requiring concrete to be cut. We have a selection of machinery from petrol and electrical driven floor saws, hand saws and hydraulic hand saws. The hydraulic hand saws and 3 phase electrical driven floor saws allow us to work inside, if required, as they produce no carbon monoxide (petrol fumes).

wet vacuum with handsaw
floor ginding common area

Concrete floor cutting

Floor sawing is the most commonly used diamond cutting method.  It is primarily used when cutting control joints in either concrete or asphalt.  It is important for control or expansions joints to be cut particularly with concrete, in order to prevent cracking associated with temperature changes and drying shrinkage.  The purpose of expansion joints is to get any cracking that may occur to run through and be concealed by the expansion joint.

The timing of having your concrete cut for expansion joints following it being laid is extremely important.  This is normally done as soon as the concrete is hard enough that it will not chip from the saw blade.  Remember if the weather is warm and dry your concrete may need to be cut within 6-12 hours of the finishing.  You need to be aware however, that although expansion joints will more than likely prevent your floor from cracking – concrete is a “living product” and as a result the concrete may crack in other places other than where the expansion joints have been cut.

Road cutting

Ironman Concrete Cutting Ltd also provides services in relation to roading services.  Over the years we have been involved in a number of major roading projects including the Hamilton Expressway.  We are currently the preferred contractors for Hamilton City Council and Downer EDI providing all concrete cutting services for utilities, traffic islands, control loops, maintenance, roading modification and upgrades.


Hand sawing and hydraulic hand sawing

Hand sawing and hydraulic hand sawing is a very versatile service that can be used in almost any job that requires cutting.

We provide services in:

  • Chasing for electrical, plumbing and telecommunications services
  • Demolition of walls and floors
  • Formation of new doorways or window openings
  • Decorative cutting
  • Expansion joints
  • Cutting of tiles and bricks for landscaping

Call Ironman now about your concrete cutting in Hamilton, Taupo or Auckland.

We cut roads, driveways, curbs, floors and more and we do both residential and commercial work.