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Concrete floor grinding

Concrete floor grinding and polishing has become extremely popular over the past few years and with good reason. The finished product is proving particularly popular in many different areas from beach houses, shop floors, workshop areas, outside patio and pool areas and house renovations. Not only do you end up with an amazing looking floor, but it is also easy to clean and maintain. Call 07 847 0290. We’ve been doing concrete grinding and polishing concrete floors for over 20 years, so we know how to do it right.


floor grinding kitchen area
Ironman Concrete cutters polished floor (1)

Coloured concrete

If you are building a new home, we encourage you to look at grinding and or polishing your concrete floors. There is a wonderful choice of coloured concretes available on today’s market however, the raw look of “plain” concrete is a very preferred choice.

Your concrete must be laid in a specific way if it is to be ground and we work with preferred concrete layers for this purpose. It is critical that your concrete layer is familiar with the correct placing of your concrete to maximise your end result. We are happy to assist you in this respect so just give us a call


Turning old into new

Existing, old, tired concrete can also be rejuvenated to give you great looking ground floors.  We have been involved in many house renovations where carpet has been replaced in family living areas, bathrooms and toilets and the results are impressive. They have modernised aging homes into the next century. If there are patches of missing aggregate which would have occurred during the time the concrete was laid, we cannot repair this.

For a reliable concrete cutting team and a top-quality concrete job from start to clean up, call us today on 07 847 0290. We provide free quotes.

floor grinding dining room area

Hand sawing and hydraulic hand sawing

Occasionally when we’re doing concrete floor grinding, we find cracks and holes. However, there are compounds that can be used to fill these in minimising these faults. To eliminate the need for wet grinding, our grinding machines can be linked to our industrial dry vacuums to minimise dust and mess. Concrete floor grinding is an awesome option for updating your property and we would be more than happy to come out and discuss your job with you and give you a free quote so give us a call today.

We also provide the following services in relation to grinding:

  • Removal of glue, paint and curing compounds
  • Grinding to remove uneven floor services or humps
  • Grinding of concrete damaged by rain to remove “pock” markings
  • Floor preparations for alternative floor coverings

Contact Ironman now on 07 847 0290 or email us about concrete floor grinding.

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