Polished concrete Hamilton to Taupo to Auckland

We’re the concrete polishing team that have been creating beautiful floors in the Waikato, and beyond.

Here’s why people like you and others enjoy their polished concrete floors so much…

  • Polished concrete floors enhance the indoor / outdoor flow of your home, particularly around decks and outdoor living areas. Many satisfied clients have used concrete polished floors throughout their beach homes.
  • The finish with polished concrete is simply stunning. The natural, earthy yet extremely elegant finish has many of our clients saying that they “will never go back to anything other than polished concrete.”
  • Polished concrete floors provide you with unparalleled lifetime finish. The floor does not wear or require replacement.
  • You choose the look and style of your floor. Your choices range from the rugged exposed aggregate look, to different grades and colour of stones to a range of concrete colours.
  • Concrete floors have strong thermal properties as they retain heat from the daytime and release that free heat into the evening. Many people choose to install under floor heating which works brilliantly with the polished concrete finish. Luxurious rugs are also a real winner with polished concrete.
  • Polished concrete floors are the easiest to clean and ensure you one of the most hygienic homes with the absence of carpet mites and moulds.

Talk to us about polished concrete floors at your place whether you’re in Hamilton, Tauranga, Taupo or Auckland. Call 07 847 0290. We’ve been polishing concrete floors for over 20 years, so we know how to do it right.

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Warning! Warning! Warning!

Polished concrete has to be done right

Concrete Polishing provides an outstanding finish. But, follow these three crucial guidelines to avoid costly mistakes…

Get qualified, experienced concrete contractors.

Concrete polishing requires coordination between your builder, concrete layer and concrete polisher. The concrete pouring and curing process and adding stones requires accuracy and precision. Concrete sets quickly so there is no room for mistakes. For expert concrete polishing, grinding and coatings, call Ph 07 8470290. We been creating beautiful polished concrete in Hamilton, Taupo and Auckland for decades. We know what we’re doing.

Ensure the concrete is well protected.

Once the concrete grinding is completed it is vital to protect the floor prior to the final sealing process. We suggest using a product called Ram Board to protect your floors during the remainder of your building project. This product has been used by previous clients and appears to be the best protector for floors that have been ground.

Get the underfloor cables right.

The contractor laying the cables must ensure the cables are laid at the right depth otherwise the cables can rise during the concrete laying process with disastrous consequences – shattered cables!

You’ll love your polished floor as much as all our other clients do, promise!